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Partner Interview : Archive Store

What is the story and the spirit behind your concept?

We, Martine & Anna, owners of Archive Store opened the doors beginning of 2016 in the old city centre of Amsterdam. During traveling and visiting other countries and places we collected all our kid’s stuff abroad. We always have been dreaming of having our own store. We made our wishes come true and gathered our collection from around the world. Focusing on interior and decoration for the kids’ room, charismatic toys, the softest bedding, skincare and accessories; we filled our split levelled floor the way we would decorate our own home and our little ones’ rooms.

Our store is an archive dedicated to gatherers of all ages longing for a novel selection of items. A selection of both contemporary and designer items as well as vintage finds. Timeless pieces that make your home a magical place.

We hope you will lose track of time while exploring the refined and unique collection. And perhaps, you will even feel like a child again. Because who ever told you to grow up?

What do you particularly like about your city? A place that inspires you?

Amsterdam, our hometown, a town not like any other capitals in Europe. It is so familiar although we still can get lost in the small streets and discover new places every time. The canals can still amaze us with the beautiful skyline of the old canal houses, vibrant, sparkling. We love to do everything by foot and bike, all districts are so close so it is easy to explore Amsterdam this Dutch way. We like “The nine streets” where you can find lovely boutiques, small restaurants and not so random stores surrounded by the canals.

We love to go to several typically Amsterdam markets: The Albert Cuijp, Noordermarkt and the Flower market on Monday morning at the Amstelveld. Discover the quiet and beautiful hidden gems in the city with their secret gardens: The Hoftuin (their second location can be found in Voldelpark), Hortus Botanicus, Thuis aan de Amstel and de Vergulden Eenhoorn.

What do you recommend doing there on a sunny weekend or a rainy weekend?

On a sunny Saturday morning we love to go to “De Plantage” next to the zoo ARTIS. Sitting outside while the kids play on the big square, while you are overlooking the flamingos and enjoying a tasty breakfast or lunch with the best coffee. Don’t forget to bring a towel as for sure your little ones will jump in the water fountains like all the kids love to do here. Spoil them afterwards with a babyccino to get warm again.

Or take the ferry (or rent a boat) to the north side of Amsterdam and go to “Hangar”. In addition to the huge terrace in the summer where you can sit in the sun all day long with bare feet in the sand they do have 2 huge fireplaces on the terrace during the winter months, allowing you to sit outside. Also, the tent on the terrace is a unique place where you can enjoy the unique location overlooking the IJ throughout the year.

What are your recommended spots for children and parents to eat?

“Van ’t Spit”: you can find here really tasty chicken with fries, homemade salads and the best deserts. Easy but super good food for parents and kids.
Italian food is always one of the favourites of most kids and therefore we would recommend Pazzi for the perfect pizza with only fresh ingredients, made in a wood oven. For parents it is also a joy to eat here.

Morgan and Mees is a boutique hotel where you can also go for a drink or a bite. Especially breakfast in the restaurant or on the terrace is a must-go-to. Because who doesn’t want (healthy) pancakes for breakfast?!

For a walk?

A nice city walk through the “nine little streets” and through the Vondelpark where you can find a nice blue tea house and a big play ground.

For a cultural trip?

Going to the “Tropen Museum” is a pleasure for parents and children. It’s close to the “Oosterpark”, a very child friendly park with several play grounds and a little paddling pool in the summertime.

NEMO Museum is a science museum that is great for children from 4 years and up. They can do little experiments, play, see and discover. It’s a whole different world!

Every year in August we have “DE PARADE”, a theatre festival that travels through the Netherlands. The festival kicks off in Rotterdam. From Rotterdam, the festival will continue its journey with its colourful tents, restaurants and terraces to The Hague and Utrecht. The summer tour will conclude in Amsterdam. The Parade offers something for everyone to experience. There will be over 80 different theatre, music, and dance performances for all ages. On top of all that, visitors are invited to enjoy cocktails, soul food, BBQ ‘s and much more on one of the many terraces. The performances that are suitable for non-Dutch-speakers are indicated with an LNP logo (Language No Problem) Presentation cards are available online or on the Paradeter site. During the day, they have a special kids’ programme, which is much fun and easy going. Free tickets for the day. In the evening, buy them online in advance or buy your ticket at the entrance.

For special activities?

Artis is a beautiful city zoo in the “Plantage” district. It brings great memories for parents and children will be fascinated by the animals and their sizes, colours and patterns. Afterwards you can eat and drink at The Plantage, a beautiful restaurant with a big terrace for all ages.

Het “Amsterdamse Bos”, a forest near the city, is a beautiful place when you are in need of some fresh air and when you want your children to run and play. You can find there a goat farm where you can give the goats a little bottle of milk and where you can play in the garden where the animals also walk on the slide you want to use. You can also find a pancake restaurant in the forest, open fields, tree huts, a paddling pool and from now and then you will see people on horses.

Which blogs / Instagram profiles are a must-follow for you?

Blogs and travel advisor: Babyccino and Barts Boekje junior,

Inspiration: Bonjourgeorges, Gray_label (our neighbour’s store), Ivanakuluz, dittesvanfeldt, milk_magazine, jauraispumappelermarcel

One or more must-have apps that cannot missed on your phone?

WeatherPro (it will never rain the whole day, right?!), Instagram, camera (always something beautiful to photograph)

Thank you Archive Store for answering our questions with such authenticity, and letting us discover more about you and your favourite places!

N°74 Team