Lovely Collaboration with @vikandpaule

"My name is Paula, I am 36 years old, a doctor, married to Vítor and mother of 2 intrepid children, Tomé, 4 and Gaspar, 2. 
I was born in Paris and have lived in Portugal for more than 25 years.
I made the decision to work part-time so that I could give my children a free environment to grow in and a simple childhood full of love.
I am passionate about nature, travel, photography, music, board games, ... but above all "Do it yourself" which I love sharing with my children. Why buy something if you can create it yourself?
Our activities are often based around nature, using natural materials as an antidote to our society, where passive games are mostly predominant… enough to unleash sensory learning and imagination!"

Paula has used our cotton fabrics to make these lovely custom wrappers. Discover all the precious DYE of Paula on her account @vikandpaule on instagram.

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