Linda Wit, photographer @white_flow

I am Linda, I’m living in Ibiza for more than 3 years now, I am photographer since 2013.

Can you briefly explain, in few sentences, your life journey? 

I grew up as a little sister of two big brothers near Amsterdam in my parents Organic Supermarket. 

Always left free to follow my heart and do what makes me happy. From a young age I was restless to see and discover the world and as soon as I could do my first internship abroad I packed my bag. After many years of living in Amsterdam and travelling around, we decided to go to Ibiza for one year, to give our kids a little taste of this barefoot life in freedom.. But never left. The island made us definitely more happy than the city.

How did you come up with what you are now doing? 

I’ve worked for many years in the creative fashion industry where I was busy visualising a certain image and story I had in mind for brands. This didn’t always work out as I had in my mind, so often I took the camera and started making pictures myself. First just for fun and because I wanted to see and feel this certain image I had in mind. I started practicing, captured a lot, and slowly I started to understand how to capture this picture from my point of view. How I wanted to see the world from my eyes.

What is the most creative memory from your childhood? 
I really loved drawing and painting. I remember sitting at the table in my own bubble. For hours and hours focused on creating something.

Can you talk about the things that you do that make you feel more alive? Definitely the nature around me, the light, the animals, love, all this magic is there for free around us.


What does “Creativity” mean to you? 

Everything. It’s an expression of how we see the world, it’s something that allows us to be in our own bubble for a while. Our own universe. It does not require thinking, there’s no fear, just creating. I fully believe everyone is born creative but unfortunately we let this unlearn us over the years.The world is teaching us different priorities so we get removed from this. It’s a shame because it teach us so much about ourselves.

Is there a place, an activity, a music, that makes you feel more connected to yourself? 
The valley in front of our house, the silence, the wind, the magical light. But music definitely helps me too, I truly believe this is a connection and for sure a mood changer.


How would you define your style? dreamy, timeless, imperfect, simplicity

Are there new ideas, concepts, technics you want to investigate or learn for yourself?
I decided not to fit into a box, not to have a label and above all to do what I like and makes me happy. As a result there are no big goals anymore, no focus on what to achieve. And in a natural way all kind of beautiful things come towards me. This really feels like freedom. I’m slowly practicing to film a bit more, to see if I can also capture what my eyes see in moving images. We can always learn new things!


When you get a quiet moment, what do you love to do the most? 

Spending time with our animals, my love ones and to capture beautiful things with my eyes only. Oo and cooking.


What do you do when you feel like nothing in the world is going the way it should? 

Trust. Trust and focus on myself and how I want to see and do things. Everything starts with yourself, this in a big chain makes us so much stronger and more beautiful. You can always complain, be scared but we don’t solve anything with this. Let dreams always win over fear. Trust that everything is good as it is, that things must happen, that there’s a reason for everything even if it looks so unfair and hurt you. There is road for everyone, always a lesson behind. This gives a lot of peace.


Can you describe yourself in 3 words? 

creative, chaotic, spiritual


Do you have future projects you are dreaming of or working on? 

Yes I love dreaming! I’m working on a big coffee table book with real & natural images to give to my children one day. An ode, a memory about their childhood. it’s a very long term project. I love to shoot more prints for my webshop, as soon as we can to travel a bit more and capture around the world to create magical productions. Next to this I’m launching a new platform this month, a platform with artwork and books about selfcare for children. A new and funny way to guide a new conscious generation of children that naturally promote happiness, gratitude and kindness. (


What would be your dream project? 

In my own personal way to capture the beautiful and less beautiful side and emotions op people all over the world. Not forced but real. Simple and real. To see that inside we’re definitely all the same.


How do you connect with nature? 

By stopping what I’m doing at that moment, let go of everything for a while and just being in the here and now. Connecting.


What is your definition of freedom? 

Being able to let go of everything that should and should be. By thinking to be a happy person when I achieve something, by thinking I’m successful when I achieve something. Letting go of this. Realising that everything is already good as it is. And everything flows how it has to flow. 

When I walk in nature, I…almost feel like a child, wondered about all these miracles you see when you REALLY look at it. You can easily miss al these little miracles. 

Before I fall asleep, I often think of…the children. Their day, their words, their sentences, their experiences and it makes me smile to discover these little creatures like that. Sometimes some things come up that I really want to tell or share the next morning with them.

And the reason why I wake up is… This beautiful road trip called life and I really believe we can make this more beautiful.

The song I love singing in the shower is… Follow the sun by Xavier Rudd

What you have on your nightstand… A few really good books and a crystal.

The movie you can watch over and over again…I just love romantic and feel good movies, I still believe in fairytales :)

 At 7 years old, I wanted to be…I guess I wanted to be a animal doctor or flight attendant

At age 25, I wanted to create a own fashion line

Yesterday, I was a happy person

Tomorrow, I hope I will be…a even more relaxed, satisfied and happy person