Meet Bermbach Handcrafted Team

Two brands, one same passion to surround baby with love, care and natural beauty. We teamed up, and mixed up some of our baby essentials with the Emil bed from Bermbach to offer a sweet giveaway. Let's meet with the creative minds behind the brand Bermbach.


Can you briefly explain, in few sentences, your life journey? How did you come up with what you are now doing?

For our own children, we ourselves spent quite some time searching for a wickerwork cradle, something which had been used for many previous generations. However our search proved fruitless. Through this unfulfilled wish, we came upon the idea of designing classical wicker furniture ourselves. Our goal was to adapt the beautiful design to today's age. Within a very short time we founded a workshop and the very first beds appeared. Then we took a big step and started working with a renowned Japanese-Indonesian producer who shares our idea of aesthetics, sustainability and quality.


Can you describe Bermbach Handcrafted in 3 words?

Love of children, naturalness and beauty.




How did your childhood affect your work today?

Alexander: I grew up in a place in Taunus, a mountain range near Frankfurt, where my parents lived and worked. They ran a popular restaurant there, where I helped out as a child. We were outside in all weathers, I was a real forest lad. This closeness to nature, but also the naturalness of working hard for one's own business, shaped me. My dream has always been to live and work independently and independent of location.

Marie-Luise: I also come from a self-employed household. I also developed an ecological awareness at an early age. After graduating from high school, I set up my own business with one of the first cafés that exclusively used animal products from organic farming. My dreams are to pass on my love of nature to my children and to see the next generation grow up in a world worth living in.




What defines the products of Bermbach?

We simply have a weakness for beautiful old, curved forms that we find natural and timeless. With our furniture we try above all to find harmonious proportions and to bring transparency and stability in tune with each other.



What is your goal?

We would like to bring many beautiful, useful objects into children's rooms and apartments and fulfill the desire of many parents for something that industrial mass production simply doesn't have to offer: The passion for an individual piece of furniture, which can be enjoyed for a very long time. And in this way convince as many people as possible that design and quality of life can be very well combined with sustainability and ecology.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

We love the everyday culture and traditions of southern countries such as Portugal or southern France, but also the nature-loving Scandinavian style enchants us again and again.



Favorite song: Boom boom by Kid Francescoli
Favorite book: Die hellen Tage (Bright Days) by Zsuzsa Bánk Favorite movie: The Glass Castle (2017)