Rosa Cadaques, Floral Inspiration

Sweet Spring Collaboration to lift the mood and host Spring...

nº74 is the result of a dream and beautiful encounter, so when Rosa Cadaques used one of our dress to shoot some beautiful pics it was evident to team up.

Our both style find inspiration in the beauty of simple things…A world of handicrafts inviting the imagination to blossom.



- Can you briefly explain, in a few sentences, your life course?

Florence :I am from Perpignan where I grew up. I quickly chose to do my studies on a work-study basis and I worked as a salesperson in the construction world. After 5 years in the same company, I decided to embark on the Rosa Cadaqués project which required me to develop my creativity and return to more manual work, which I missed.

Mégan: After a sweet childhood on the shores of the Mediterranean, I went to Belgium to learn the profession of speech therapist. Later my attraction for entrepreneurship and flowers took over, the desire to return to live and work by the sea, in Cadaqués, in a peaceful and magnificent environment.



- What is the most creative memory of your childhood?

 Florence : I don't have any particular memories, I don't come from a family where my parents had creative jobs, but I've always been attentive and attracted by what was around me and that I didn't know in terms of of music, cinema, art, fashion... I remember having often drawn the house of my dreams, because for me it is a refuge that resembles us, in which we bring together everything we love: music, art , decoration.

Mégan: The number of cabins that we were able to create with my brothers with absolutely nothing, a few torn fabrics, pieces of wood or dead leaves from the garden.


- How would you define your style?

Florence : I think I'm fairly classic, I like good basics as long as the cut of the garment highlights it. I like the freedom you can have to dress in summer.

Mégan: I'd say it's simple, not extremely feminine, I'm very into basketball t-shirt jeans.



- Is there a place, activity, music that makes you feel closer to yourself?

Florence : Dancing is the best "exutoire"I know, dancing is good for body and mind.

Mégan: When I look at the sea.


- Do you have any future projects you dream of or are working on?

Florence et Mégan: Rosa Cadaqués is a professional project that is constantly evolving, you never get bored and you work on instinct. Flowers work with everything, we are not afraid to venture into areas we do not know. This year, we are currently working on a new range of flowers around the wedding.



- Can you explain your creative process to us?

Florence et Mégan: We draw a lot of inspiration from fashion and trends in this universe. We usually start from an idea and a desire common to both. The creative process is often punctuated by a season, we always try to be innovative. The prototypes are made in our workshop in Perpignan with the flowers that we dry. If the whole team validates, we schedule a photo shoot.





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