Crazy Animal Embroidery Kit

This item is for lovers of wild animals.

Who is not fascinated by a wild animal? They live in freedom and cannot be domesticated. Each species is different and they have different characteristics that they have developed to survive. Some are very strong, others very fast, others very tall and that difference is their power.

Isn't that paradoxical? Perhaps it amazes us so much because we also carry within us that wild spirit, which cries out to be authentic and keeps us faithful to our essence.

Tara is certainly one of these people. Authentic, true to her essence and no doubt, an animal lover.

The inspiration for the Crazy Animal Embroidery kit came from an image of a tiger wearing a type of head ornament at a flea market in Chiang Mai, from there she imagined wild animals decorated with flowers and feathers.

Bring the power and magic of these incredible animals into your home and give them your original touch of creativity.

The beauty and strength of these animals were printed on an organic cotton canvas with a romantic touch in an original artistic version, where you can embroider it the way you imagine to hang them on your wall.



Customize your favorite animal and its details of feathers or flowers with the colors that you like the most, the kit also comes with a wooden frame, threads with our color palette, needle and threader, scissors and the tutorial explaining the points and steps for start embroidering it.

Also available in the already embroidered version, ready to decorate.

The Zebra, the Tiger, the Giraffe or the Buffalo, which is your favorite?

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