Embroidery Kit Stillness

Rescuing ancient customs is not temporary fashion, it’s a necessity for the soul. Doing something that connects you to your ancestors is like traveling through time and space. It takes you to moments that were marked in your deepest memories. Who doesn’t remember a piece embroidered by their grandmother or great-grandmother that our mother kept with so much affection. Those are pieces where love and dedication were felt. Made with every intention of pleasing and pampering.

Embroidery is a very old manual technique, but it has been modernized in recent times. Like all artistic activities, it stimulates our senses and relaxes us

With the Creative Embroidery Kit, you will have everything you need, to practice and to make super artistic and original pieces.

It's as easy as following the instructions in the tutorial, you put the fabric on the hoop and adjust it, a needle and embroider.

First learn the points. Then practice them as much as you need until you feel ready to make shapes.

You can start by following the lines in one of the drawings in the kit and then you can explore on your own. Make your own drawings.

Exclusive, handmade loving pieces never go out of style.

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