Flower Kit

Make your own spring with the Fabric Flower Kit.

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year. It fills us with joy to see the colors and diversity of flower shapes in the garden or in the field. And why not represent those colors and shapes in our houses made by our hands and decorate everything we want with beautiful fabric flowers.


Fabric flowers are very simple to make and look very flirty in any room or even as a hair accessory.

To make them you just have to open your Fabric Flower Kit, choose a fabric color and the shape you want to give the flower, with one of the cardboard patterns. Draw and cut the fabric according to the drawing.

Thread a needle and sew ... when you get to the end of the fabric, gather and roll the fabric into a flower shape and sew back fixing the base.


Your flower has blossomed!

Now make as many as you want in different formats, sizes and colors and then decorate a canopy, a hat, a bag, a headband or whatever you feel like.


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