Macrame Kit Freedom

Macramé is a technique where you weave with knots, creating true works of art.

The truth is, I have always been amazed at the result of these organized knots lined up, forming different geometric or organic shapes.

How can such a basic element like thread be transformed and knot after knot to build objects and pieces with such an elaborate and charming result? The Macramé have that power, it is a mixture of strength that contributes threads and romanticism that transmits the fringes and knots forming those detailed and elaborate designs. It really doesn’t surprise me that they hook us and we love them.

These trusses, in addition to being very beautiful and romantic, are also very strong and versatile. With just one thread and your hands you can create an infinity of things such as: covers for mobile charger, keychain, hanging pot holder, decorative objects, accessories, lamps, rugs, tapestries, curtains, hammocks, chairs etc.

In the Macramé Kit Freedom, you have all the elements you need to learn knots and make your first pieces.

Open your kit, take thread and the support you prefer, the bar or one of the metal rings, depending on the object you chose to make. Cut the threads of equal size and fix them on the support with a basic knot and start practicing. Follow the instructions in the tutorial to practice knots. And then finish your piece by cutting and matching the fringe.

Arm yourself with desire and patience and start plotting.

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