School Poster Embroidery Kit

And it was here where it all started. School Posters are the motive and reason for the creation of the creative kit line Made By You nº74.

Poupy had been dreaming and idealizing a new decoration product for the children's room for a long time, it was a hand-embroidered poster, like the posters that used to be in schools in the past, where children learned and saw sea animals, tropical fruits or the Mundi map.

When the dream finally went to production line, Poupy realized that it would be something magical for everyone to make their own school poster, embroidering themselves in the way they liked best. It was then that the Creative Kit Made By You was born.

An organic cotton bag where everything you needed to start embroidering was inside, and you could take it anywhere, anyone could learn and make their own poster. And from there several other kits of various other techniques were born.


School posters are really amazing. They are super educational, you not only learn by looking at it, learn by embroidering each element. This learning will be printed in the memory of the person who fills it in with their stitches. In addition to super decorative. Dare a few stitches?

Also available in the already embroidered version, ready to decorate.

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