Weaving Kit Joy


Crafts are very beneficial activities for everyone and for children it is no different. Children on their own are born artists. Connected to the source, their imagination is abundant and they do not have a hard time expressing their artistic side, they do not have parameters or blocks. They are sponges learning everything that comes their way. In addition, crafts for children help them with their motor skills, creativity, concentration and in family relationships. It doesn't matter if it doesn't come out perfect or if the result isn't particularly pretty. The important thing is that the child feels capable of creating with his own hands.

Weaving on a loom is a very versatile and simple technique and is therefore ideal for children. That is why we have also created the Weaving joy Kit.

The Kit Joy, although it can be used by any age, is designed for children. The 25 cm loom is more comfortable for children and brings wool of different colors so they can create as many colors as they like.


The Kit brings everything you need to weaving and create various items.

A loom made from recycled wood from Thailand, cotton thread with our colors, wool, fabric, loom needle, sewing needles, threader, a loom comb, scissors, metal holder, jingle bells and the tutorial with the explanation of all the steps and all that in a cotton bag so you can carry it wherever you want.


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