Weaving Kit Flow

When we do work with our hands, we return to our essence of Creator Beings that we are and that brings us a state of relaxation and pleasure.

For number74 it is very important to share the habit of doing things with our hands, reconnect with our inner child, be imaginative and creative. That is actually one of our purposes. We love being here and remind you that we all can, we are all artists and that where we put our attention and love we expand it and make it sprout and flourish.

What a pleasure to see your own idea come to life. Our Made By You line was created exactly with that intention, that of getting closer to art and crafts, offering you various techniques, with easy and very illustrative tutorials, with a step by step that makes you feel very comfortable from the beginning, allowing your ideas manifest.

The Weaving Kit is one of them. You will quickly learn the ancient technique of creating fabrics and you will see what it is to braid the threads in the warp, tracing each line forming a weft in which you decide the shape, the texture, the colors.

This is your space and here the creator is you. In your fabric you will be braiding your thoughts, your ideas, and with that you leave your essence there.

It is like writing a letter without words, a letter written with thread and with textures, but that will surely draw emotions and impressions from whoever looks at it or receives it as a gift. You can make a hanging tapestry, a cushion, or whatever your imagination leads you to create.

The Kit brings a loom made from recycled wood from Thailand FLOW brings a 40cm loom, and all wools in natural color, to focus the creation on the game of textures, although you can also add other colored wools, if that is your desire . cotton thread, wool, fabric, loom needle, sewing needles, threader, a loom comb, scissors, metal holder, jingle bells and the tutorial with the explanation of all the steps and all of that inside a cotton bag so you can take it wherever you want.

Loom weaving is a very versatile and flexible technique, the more you practice, the more you will get closer to your own style. Express yourself with the Flow Loom Kit.

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