Cala Tarida

“I remember that day as if it were yesterday!”
Steffie recalls when traveling back to a beautiful day spent in Cala Tarida,
on Ibiza’s Western coastline.
The location of this photo shoot on the bay was found one week earlier, when Steffie fell in love with the old wooden gates, bare stone, transparent turquoise water and the stunning light that painted the landscape just before sunset.
It was the second shooting that she organised, since she’d joined Numero 74 and it was quite a challenge.
The aim was to present our fashion collection while staying close to one of our core values: family.
Carolina and Nicola, Steffie’s children, were the first kids taking part in the playful session, but more children were needed to recreate the scenes we see in the pictures.
It all happened very simply and naturally.
Finding kids who wanted to play together was only a matter of keeping the eyes open.
Our photographer Federico captured joyful smiles, mischievous glances and all the life and energy shining from these little beings of light.
What a day! A stunning landscape, smooth pastel colours, sparkling eyes, shiny smiles and loud laughter made this day a fun memory that we like to share and remember!