Bedroom Stone Grey

At the break of dawn, Nature awakens in a melodious harmony.
As the sea absorbs the morning light, it oscillates between the calmness of its horizon and the roughness of its waves.
Children are wrapped in their warm cosy nests, tucked in deep softness.
The Stone Grey colour seems to have been polished, just like a stone, by the elements over time.
Their nest is made of cushions in various sizes for comfort and layers of sheets and blankets for warmth. Their weekend bag is close by, impatient to go with them and explore nature’s rhythms.
As if they were attracted by something mysterious, they go out and spend the day outside, breathing in pure freshness, walking barefoot, and sensing the sand, wind and water playing on the skin…
Their heart soon becomes peaceful, almost humble.
Their thoughts soon start to evaporate.  Everything happens in the perception of the present moment.
Nature inspires us all to connect with our true self and let our spirit run more free.

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