Depth of imagination Ice Blue

Nature slows down in the colder seasons to give us time to contemplate our dreams.
This morning, clouds have opened their curtain to invite the timid sun to shine. Light plays with shadowy shapes on the walls and soon tickles the sleeping child’s senses. Ice Blue is prominent in this space: a deep and mysterious colour inviting the mind to lose itself in the depths of imagination.
The child opens his eyes and, still languid, snuggles in his comfy nest, cradled by soft pillows, blankets and star garlands.
His backpack, hat and gym sack are waiting patiently to be taken out.
The cotton ball and bowling set are looking forward to playing with him.
He sees his whale cushion on the bed and soon starts a journey far far away, dreaming of exploring the ocean’s abysses in search for those majestic and peaceful creatures.
Children are on a mission to explore the world out there, through dreams,
play or real life. Let’s give them the time to be inspired and dream.

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