Time to Play

This year, little brother is excited to go to school for the first time.
Her big sister knows that the first day back after the summer holidays is always intimidating.
A new class, a new teacher and maybe new friends.
Although Mum and Dad have tried to reassure her, she feels responsible and wants to protect him, even if she’s only two years older.
They all get ready for this first day. When they arrive at school, the girl has to let go of her brother’s hand and let him live this new experience.
The day went fast, it’s already time to go home. As they arrive, they drop their back pack and go straight to the play corner, set up in the living room in a discreet Stone Grey hue.
They love their tipi where they can hide and make up so many stories.
The themed cushions spark their imagination and soon, they embark on adventures aboard a boat, a tractor or a rocket ship, accompanied by their faithful robot.
They’re having so much fun that the balls and bowling set end up flying everywhere in the room.
The worries of the girl soon fade away.
After all, she is also just a child and playing with her little brother is the best way to strengthen the loving bond and the complicity that they both share.
Each experience in life is here to teach us something, we just need to trust our heart.

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