White Christmas

The festive season was celebrated in a special way that year.

Our former offices were a great setting for a White Christmas party!

This room with high ceilings, white walls guarded by big wooden doors was perfect for a photo shoot.

We tried to create a simple white and natural alcove with the majestic Canopy, star lanterns, futons, robot cushions and school bench.

However, the real stars of the photo shoot were Steffie’s children Carolina and Nicolas, and their friend Felix.

Carolina, full of bubbling happy energy, loved putting on all her beautiful dresses: the white Scarlett dress with its laced back, the white Salome dress with its intricate crochet details, and the elegant Sophie dress in natural colour with its little butterflies and beautiful cape.

She always feels so precious and beautiful like a princess every time she wears them.

Felix dressed up as a Lancelot knight and Nicolas as a Merlino wizard and a superhero. You can imagine all the games and tricks they started playing together with their boundless imagination!

Soon, another play buddy appeared: our dear Tara!

She is so spontaneous and so in touch with her child spirit that she couldn’t help joining in the fun. She started twirling the kids and they just loved it.

Finally, another guest invited himself to the party: Tara’s dog, Yul.

He just sat, waiting to be petted, as if he owned the place!

Everything happened in a very spontaneous and simple manner. Nothing forced. We just let the magic of play happen!

Children are so spontaneous and passionate. There is so much to learn from them, and there is no better time than the festive season to do so!