Yellow Mood

We are back at our former Ibiza office to feature another corner shining with our bright Sunflower Yellow.
The idea was born after the Numero 74 girls found some vintage suitcases in a typical Ibizan flea market, Sant Jordi, which takes place every Saturday and where one can find hundreds of antiques.
Going there is like travelling back into the past.
One can easily lose track of time and space, while enjoying the extraordinary and unusual objects the vendors have available.
As soon as the girls got back from the market, they couldn’t wait to explore the antique suitcases and imagine all the different stories they had been part of. In different sizes and shapes, they each seemed to have a specific purpose: a suitcase for grooming, with hair brushes and mirror included, one for picnics, one for transporting big hats.
Wow! So much history in these simple objects.
So the girls got inspired and decided to create a vintage baby corner with our bright sunflower yellow colour, which would provide a beautiful contrast.
They set up a canopy, a Moses basket, a garland as well as two mannequins presenting our kids fashion collection.
In addition to the suitcases, they added a vintage kid’s tricycle and a mirror, which gave more character to the whole scene.
There were always surprises like this one around each corner of the house.
It was a real pleasure to work there, surrounded by all these beautiful things.
A special place, a special time in Numero 74’s story, that we always like to remember and share.

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