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Chiang Mai Atelier

Chiang Mai's Workshop

is where creation takes all its meaning,
where thoughts become matter. The
combination of Tara and Manop’s relentless
energy is the impulse, the rest is left to the
magic of encounters and synchronicities. Things
happen for a reason; our products were just meant
to be born here. 

All buildings, some in traditional Lanna wooden style, and some more modern, are connected by a common courtyard, creating a natural flow. The décor is to the image of Numero 74’s spirit: simple and authentic. Bare woodwork, traditional handcrafted baskets turned into light shades, antiques…humble, just like the people who work here. 

In fact, it feels like the workshop has
become their second home, all together as
a family. In the morning, it is common to
see them bowing, lighting incense and making
offerings to the Spirit House, which protects
the place and the people. 

When you enter a room

the atmosphere is peaceful: each gesture is made
with mindfulness, pride and caring attention. You
will see people smile at each other, and sometimes
have a good laugh. People are working yes, but not
in the same way we know it. In Thailand, work and
life are intertwined.

As you walk around, you might notice the big portraits hanging on all the walls. They are a constant reminder that there is something special inside everyone of us. All of our creations come from this something special deep inside. We are forever grateful for all the beautiful souls part of the Numero 74 family. Nothing would be possible without them!