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Mae Wang : Call of the Land

Ever had the feeling of immediately belonging to a place you visit, as if it had been waiting for you a long time? Well that’s how we felt two years ago when we set foot on a piece of land in Mae Wang District, near Chiang Mai.

In Thailand, we are at home. It is a place where we feel free to explore, create and make our dreams come true. During her stays in Chiang Mai, Tara aka Poupy, our founder, could not help notice the way Thai kids spend most of their time surrounded by concrete buildings and grounds that lack green spaces.

That’s when the dream was born: offering people and especially children to come back in touch with Nature.

After searching

for one year, Tara and Manop came across a piece of land up for sale by local farmers, in Mae Wang district, 45 minutes south of the city. Their first visit felt like love at first sight: the land, previously used for longan and aubergine farming, was nestled at the foothill of a mountain covered by forest, with a Buddhist temple higher up on the hill, appearing like a much-hoped-for sign.

They immediately wanted to make the next step to buy it, even though the total surface was much bigger than what they had originally imagined and even if they were unsure of what to use it for!

Unfortunately, they were told that the land was no longer available! With the deep feeling that this place was calling them, they didn’t give up. The whole team happened to be in Chiang Mai at that time for our annual team meeting, joined by our guests, our photographer Sofia Mokkasin and her family.

Tara invited everyone

to go with her and feel the special energy the land was exuding: walking around the forest, coming in contact with the soil, feeling the true synergy with the land.

A few weeks later, we receive the incredible news: it became possible again for us to buy the land, or rather, the land had adopted us!

Since then, Mae Wang land has a special place in our heart: it is where we would like to grow the seeds of our future projects.

We also like spending time there to regenerate whenever we visit Thailand. We have invited many cows to graze around the fields and we take care of the land by planting natural fertilizers for instance.

We are not quite sure yet of what the future holds, but one thing is certain: it will be a wonderful adventure!