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Privacy policy

In order to comply with applicable law on Protection of Personal Data, we do hereby inform you that any personal data that you may provide by filling in the electronic registration form in this page shall be included in files controlled by: NUMERO 74 IBIZA, S.L.

According to said legal provisions, the individual to whom the personal data refer shall be entitled to exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, erasure, opposition, restriction of processing, portability of data and not to be the object of automated individualised decisions, including the preparation of profiles, by addressing in writing to:

Can Guerchu 3637
07839 Benimussa (Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Balearic Islands, Spain)

Or by means of e-mail sent to stating as subject “DATA PROTECTION”.
Should you not provide the personal data asked for in the registration form as compulsory data might entail our not being able to deal with your application.

We kindly ask you to immediately give NUMERO 74 IBIZA, S.L. notice of any change in your personal data so that the information of our files keeps duly updated and does not have mistakes. Likewise, by accepting this legal notice, you acknowledge that the information and the personal data provided are accurate and truthful.

The collection of your personal data is carried out to the purposes of selling and trading in products for minors as well as to send you advertising on other products and services, notices and offers, and, in general, interesting commercial information concerning NUMERO 74 IBIZA, S.L. The processing is lawful on the grounds of at least one of the following conditions:

  • a) the person concerned has given his/her consent to the processing of his/her personal data for one or several specific purposes;
  • b) the processing is necessary to fulfil an agreement to which the person concerned is a party or to carry out pre-contractual measures at the latter’s petition;
  • c) the processing is necessary to comply with a legal obligation applicable to the processing controller.

We do hereby inform you as well that, though our server does not presently use cookies, those could be used in the future and send to your computer a file ('cookie'), that shall give us information on the language chosen and on other options of navigation in webpages visited from In this case, we shall inform you by means of the “cookies policy” notice to be included in the web page. In any case, you have the possibility to configure your computer so that it rejects the installation of those cookies. NUMERO 74 IBIZA, S.L. undertakes to deal with absolute confidentiality with your personal data and to use them only for the purposes stated hereunder.

We inform you that NUMERO 74 IBIZA, S.L. has taken all measures legally required concerning safety of its installations, systems and files by data protection law. Likewise, the controller guarantees confidentiality of personal data thought it shall disclose them, together with any additional information under its possession or available through its systems requested according to applicable legal provisions to any competent authority.

In any case, the holder of the data answers for truthfulness, accuracy, validity, authenticity and appropriateness of the personal data provided.

Legal information

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 10 of Act 34/2002, on Services of Information Society and e-Commerce, our clients, users and visitors are hereby informed on legal information concerning the organisation owner of the web site located at the Internet address:

Corporate name: NUMERO 74 IBIZA, S.L.
Tax address: Can Guerchu 3637
C.I.F. (Tax Identification Code): B57830671
Commercial Registry: Commercial Registry of Ibiza, Volume 272, Folio 131, Sheet IB-11712.

Cookies Policy

Introduction and concept of cookie.

In compliance with paragraph 2 of section 22 of Spanish Act 34/2002, of 11 July, on Services of Information Society and on Electronic Commerce, NUMERO 74 IBIZA, S.L., hereinafter, the BUSINESS, wishes to let you know with this document what cookies are, their function, usefulness and need, so that you can freely decide whether or not to accept them. Notwithstanding, we do hereby expressly inform you that there might be cookies necessary for communications between your device and the net, as well as for rendering the services expressly asked for by you, and both cases are excluded from compliance of obligations provided for under said legal provision.

A cookie is simply a file with an anonymous code that downloads in your computer when you visit certain websites. These small files allow a website, among other things, to passively store, register and recover information on browsing habits of a user or of the user’s device in the web site. This information can allow to know the place from which access is made, time of connection, kind of device from which access is carried out (fixed or mobile), the operative system, the browser, websites most frequently visited and the number of clicks, among other data of behaviour of the user in Internet.

You can disable cookies in your browser and delete them at any time. Notwithstanding you have to know that though you can have access to the web site with no need of enabling cookies, their being disabled might prevent a proper running of the website. For further information on cookies, you can visit the following URL:


Types of cookies.

Cookies are classified in the following categories, according to their functions:

  • - Strictly necessary or technical:they allow user to browse the website, platform or application, as well as to use the different options or services in them.
  • - Profiling cookies: they allow user to configure some general nature characteristics to get access to the service (language, kind of browser, etc.).
  • - Analytical Cookies:they allow the manager of the cookies to track and analyse behaviour of users of the web sites to which cookies are associated. They are used to analyse the activity of sites and applications visited by user, as well as browsing profiling that can be used to study improvements for users in any such sites or applications.
  • - Advertising cookies:They are used to manage advertisement spaces that the owner of the website or of the application has included in them.
  • - Advertising cookies based on behaviour:they allow managing advertisement spaces that the owner of the website or of the application has included in them, as efficiently as possible. In order to do so, data on user’s behaviour stored in those cookies are used.


Use of cookies in the web site.

We do hereby expressly, precisely and clearly inform you that the information collected through the cookies downloaded in your computer, except, where applicable, those used to customise navigation or for technical reasons, shall not be used by us because we do not use analytical or advertising cookies of anykind. Addressees of the information collected through the cookies downloaded in your computer shall be the following:

  • Holder
  • Google

The purposes of cookies are as follows:

Cookie                           AIM                                          LIFE DURATION                MANAGEMENT

>USER IDENTIFICATION: Used to identify and authenticate the user. They also contain technical information about the user’s session, such as time required for connection, session ID, etc. They are session cookies and are managed as internal cookies.

>SESSION ID: They identify user’s http session. They are found in all web applications and they are used to identify requests made by a user in a session. They are session cookies and are managed as internal cookies.

>BROWSING STATUS: They allow knowing user’s browsing status (login, first page, first access, scroll status, vote status, etc.). They are session cookies and are managed as internal cookies.

>USER SELECTIONS: They store session values selected by the user such as store, language, currency, products, size, etc. They are session cookies and are managed as internal cookies.

>FAVOURITE AND LAST SELECTIONS: They allow to remind user his/her favourite choices (of stores, for instance) or his/her last selections (of stores, products, consents to cookies downloading, etc.) in subsequent visits to the web site. They are persistent cookies and are managed as internal cookies.

>SHOPPING CART: They store information about the shopping cart and the ID of the user associated to said cart. They are session cookies and are managed as internal cookies.

>PROTOCOLS: They allow changes between secure (https) and unsecure (http) domains (protocols). They are session cookies and are managed as internal cookies.

>ORIGIN (WC_GASOURCE): These are used to know the origin of a user when arriving at a page on the web site. For example, whether user reaches details on a product from a products list, from the search engine or from an external page. They are persistent cookies and are managed as internal cookies.

>GOOGLE ANALYTICS (__UTMA, __UTMB, __UTMC, __UTMD, __UTMV, __UTMZ, __UTMT, __GA, __GAT...): They allow monitoring the web site through the Google Analytics tool, which is a service provided by Google to collect information about user visits to websites. Some of the data saved for later analysis are: number of times that a user visits the web site, dates of the first and last visit of the user, duration of the visits, from which page the user accessed the web site, which browser was used to reach the web site or which link was clicked, from where in the world the user accessed the site, etc. Configuration of these cookies is predetermined by the service offered by Google. We advise you to refer to the privacy section of Google Analytics at ivacyoverview.html, for further information on cookies used and on how to disable them (bearing in mind that we are not liable for the contents or the accuracy of third parties’ websites). They are persistent cookies and are managed as internal cookies.


Revocation of authorisation for the use of cookies and browser configuration

As already stated, once the Cookies have been downloaded, you shall be able at any time to revoke your consent and to delete them. To this end you can use the configuration option of contents and privacy available in the browser you are using while browsing the web site.


Update of Cookies Policy and contact

This Cookies Policy can change depending on the cookies used. We advise you to check this policy every time you visit our web site so that you keep duly informed on how and what we use cookies for, and you can know of any change in the kind of data collected.

Should you wish to make any question on our Cookies Policy or to revoke your consent, you can contact THE BUSINESS by addressing an email to stating “Cookies Policy” as subject.

Social Network Privacy Policy

According to the terms of applicable law on data protection, NUMÉRO 74  IBIZA, S.L., hereinafter THE COMPANY does hereby inform the user of its condition of processing controller due to the registration and use of THE COMPANY’s official site in (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram), hereinafter THE PLATFORM. Notwithstanding THE COMPANY shall have no liability concerning processing and subsequent uses of personal data to be carried out either by THE PLATFORM or by third parties rendering services of the information society. By registering with THE PLATFORM and making use of it, you expressly consent the transfer of information to the United States or to any other country in which THE PLATFORM, its affiliates or services suppliers might have installations, as well as the use and disclosure of information concerning you, in the terms provided for in its Privacy Policy.

THE COMPANY shall only process any personal data supplied freely and voluntarily by users by means of the privacy configuration of their profile in THE PLATFORM. Thus, any user of this site does hereby state that he/she makes any such use freely and voluntarily. To the purposes of making the rendering of the services provided by THE COMPANY through this business site, personal data supplied by users shall be included in a file or processing held by THE COMPANY.

You are hereby informed that access to and registration with THE COMPANY’s site is forbidden to children under fourteen or to persons under guardianship. No liability shall arise for THE COMPANY from the use of THE COMPANY’s official site by persons belonging to any of the aforementioned groups, liability lying in any case with their legal representatives.

By becoming user of this business site of THE PLATFORM, user expressly consents processing controller:

  • - To get access to the data included in the users’ list, as well as to process user’s personal data within THE PLATFORM’s environment, according to its privacy policy.
  • - To process the data for commercial purposes and to send user commercial communications, even by electronic means (e-mail, SMS, fax, telephone, etc.), on products and services related to the Professional field of THE COMPANY, unless user exercises his/her opposition right, and to those communications to be published in the user’s wall.
  • - THE COMPANY to get access to the data included in the lists, and to show user’s profile name and photograph in the users’ list of this business site in THE PLATFORM.

THE COMPANY shall only process the data consented by user by means of the privacy configuration of user’s profile in the platform, so that if user wishes to modify them, user shall have to change his/her user’s configuration in THE PLATFORM.

THE COMPANY takes no responsibility for any comment made by users in this site, and thus THE COMPANY is exonerated from any legal liability that might arise from any such comment. Likewise, and because it does not fulfil the purposes for which this business site has been created, THE COMPANY does not authorize the sending of data specially protected under data protection applicable law, particularly those revealing ideology, trade-union or political membership, religion and believes or referring to racial origin, health or sexual life, or referred to the commission of criminal and administrative offences.


Users answer for truthfulness, authenticity and updating of any information and data published in THE COMPANY’s site, since those are supplied by users to THE COMPANY. User is hereby expressly informed that publication of personal data supplied by user (user’s name, profile image and comments, etc.) entails that any such data shall be able to be transferred to any other visitor to the site, users of social network, controllers of social network and they might be even be accessible to search engines. By becoming a user of this site, user expressly consents any such transfer.


Liability for the remaining personal data to which visitors to our business site might have access shall depend on privacy configuration made by each user in his/her profile and thus THE COMPANY advises its users to be particularly careful concerning all those personal data, images and videos included, that they publish in their profile. User must be aware that open publication, this is making a public comment or a comment for everybody entails application of Data Protection legal regulation to the user or fan; therefore THE COMPANY does hereby advise users not to choose the option “public” in the privacy configuration when carrying out any action in the site or when publishing, making comments, labelling, etc.; and in any case the person publishing, commenting or labelling about another person/user/fan should have its consent and be able to prove it. Should it not be so, THE COMPANY asks its users not to publish, comment or label anything that might be the object of personal data processing. Publication of videos or photographs of third parties without that third party’s consent might entail an infringement to that third party’s right to honour, privacy or own image protected under Organic Act 1/1982, of 5 May, on civil protection of right to honour, personal and family privacy and to own image, so that it is forbidden to upload, host, store, publish, share or carry out any action with any contents that might be considered as an infringement of said rights.


Likewise, it is forbidden to use THE COMPANY’s site to upload, host, store, publish share any contents that might entail an infringement to applicable law on any matter (intellectual property, industrial property, disclosure of secrets, data protection, right to honour, etc.).

The community manager of this site reserves the right to take the final decision concerning publication of messages, images or videos sent by users or to delete any published contents that community manager considers not to meet THE COMPANY’s policy.

THE COMPANY shall not process, nor shall it take the contact e-mail of our users in THE PLATFORM even if they have authorised that option, if the platform allows doing so, because the processing controller does not have their express consent. THE COMPANY shall process only those e-mails that you have expressly supplied to us, which in many cases can be related to the Service (such as verification of the account, changes or updates of functions of the Services, technical and safety notices). Please take into account, and so you do expressly accept it, that you cannot refuse to receive e-mails related to the Service.

The massive and/or repetitive sending of not requested e-mails and sending third parties e-mails without their consent is not allowed. Identity theft of a third, for whatever purpose, among which communicating personal data of that individual shall not be allowed either under no circumstance. User shall only be entitled to supply personal data concerning user’s own identity.

Processing is lawful on the grounds that user expressly consented, by means of user’s application to membership or registration as user of the site, to processing of user’s personal data for one or several specific purposes. Notwithstanding user shall be entitled to exercise, at any time, the rights of access, rectification, erasure, opposition, limitation of processing, portability of data and not to be the object of automated individualised decisions, including the preparation of profiles, by addressing in writing to:


Or by means of e-mail sent to stating as subject “DATA PROTECTION” and attaching to your request a copy of a valid official document proving your identity.

Any data supplied by user shall be kept while necessary or relevant for the purpose for which data was collected or registered. Therefore, data shall be cancelled when they are not necessary any longer to fulfil the lawful purposes detailed here above. According to Section 13.2 c) of GDPR [European General Data Protection Regulation], we do hereby inform you on your right to withdrawconsent to processing, without affecting the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.