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Ibiza "El Camp": Improvised picnic

Numero 74 lifestyle is all about simplicity: spending time together
and enjoying the present moment surrounded by peaceful nature.
During a recent team meeting in Ibiza, last October, we spent a day
in a place that we call “El Camp”. A piece of land, with a special
kind of energy, hidden away from the busier areas of the island,
lost in a forest of majestic pine trees.

It was a beautiful day: rays of sunlight piercing through the branches,
a little breeze blowing gently on the skin, the delicate smell of pine
needles filling the air around us. We definitely felt like Nature’s guests.
Tara and Steffie, as true lovers of simplicity and beauty, never lack
imagination! They improvised a picnic table with recycled wood and benches
made of haystacks and cushions. They dressed the table with our cotton gauze
fabric in Ice Blue colour, which contrasted beautifully with the silver cups
and cutlery that Tara had brought back from Thailand.

For food, Kaliz had brought local specialties from the morning market, which were absolutely delicious.

After our relaxed picnic, we had our team meeting and ended the day with an improvised photoshoot with our talented photographer Lucille.




Every time we meet, there is certainly a lot of
room for spontaneity!

Don’t hesitate to visit our blog regularly.

We have so much more to share about
Numero 74 lifestyle!