Yuki, a soulful collection ✨

Yuki, a soulful collection ✨

When we know the story behind things, we connect with them differently. This is why today, we travel back in time to a Chiang Mai artisan market, where we met Yuki a few years ago. Seeing her work, we fell in love instantly and felt the need to get to know her better.

After a kind talk, we realized that beyond her innate passion, her pieces were inspired by the legacy of a whole family of ceramists who instructed her on the Celadon technique (a.k.a. "greenware"). This precious type of Celadon jade ceramic it is cooked respecting a traditional method (with more than six cooking and cooling phases to create the characteristic glassy look) and it is transmitted from generation to generation by master craftsmen or from parents to sons. In 2009, the traditional firing technology of Longquan Celadon was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. 

We invited Yuki to create a collection where she could play freely with her style, honouring the ancient technique but giving it a new meaning and look. The result is these wonderful unique pieces of dishes and traditional coffee cups with filter; little treasures for coffee lovers that will take them to a magical world with every sip.

The Yuki Ceramic Collection is on sale exclusively at L'atelier n74 in Ibiza
Pass by if you don't mind falling in love, too...

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