The story of Numero 74 is akin to Tara’s, aka Poupy, a French woman with a generous smile and sparkling eyes. She never hides her eternal child soul that shines, like a star, within her heart. She simply feels good among little ones, as if she had retained the essence of their sensitivity. She has actually spent several years organising the most beautiful parties and events for them.

Tara fell in love with Thailand and has been spending her holidays there for many years. The smiles, joie de vivre and serenity of the people warm her heart… Also, a baby elephant that her son and herself are particularly fond of guides them to Chiang Mai, in the North of the country.

One day, a friend asked her if she would decorate her twins’ bedroom. Driven by her love for beauty and creation, she accepts, knitting blankets and giving a new life to antiques found in flea markets. Numero 74’s style is born. How about the name Numero 74? It is basically the combination of Tara’s and her friend’s ages at the time. Sometimes things are so simple!

As if it were meant to be, during another stay in Chiang Mai, she meets Manop, a tuk-tuk driver, who soon becomes a true alchemist. While Tara tells him about her dreams, Manop listens and helps bring them into the World. A strong practical man, he will implement everything possible to find artisan women whose know-how was almost forgotten and create the Numero 74 workshop, where Tara’s dearest dreams could finally be realised.