When a baby is born in Spring…

Days are getting longer, a soft wind is blowing outside, baby is on its way... Spring and nature inspired this setting, distilling a fresh, joyful and cosy atmosphere, with a colour palette of Mellow Yellow, small touches of white and Dusty Pink, which reminds us of the colourful floral season.


Mixed with delicacy and poetry, essential pieces such as bed linen, decorations, accessories, light clothing, blankets, baskets and bed drape, are meant to surround baby in smooth delicacy. They bring a feeling of lightness and a welcoming ambiance, turning the bedroom into a reassuring and cosy nest.


This comfortable space also provides a visually stimulating environment that will help expand baby’s experiences. Colour plays a crucial role in appeasing a little one, and choosing the colours of a nursery is more important than we might think.

Here, the soft shades of mellow yellow, combined with other pastel touches, fill the room with calmness and a feeling of serenity, making it definitely perfect for a baby girl’s or baby boy’s room alike.

Dolls or other animal friends, like Vicky swan, are placed higher up to be seen, and to stimulate imagination and sweet dreams.

 If you enjoy arts and crafts, we suggest making unique pieces yourself, filled with your love and attention: a hand-crocheted Mandala hoop, a dream catcher or a floral crown are great final touches.

A nursery would not be complete without a cosy corner, here simply arranged with a round and comfortable futon and pillows, where baby can observe, move freely, explore its surroundings, imagine and play with Mummy and Daddy.

As the little one grows up, let’s introduce them to the wonderful world of creativity, that will give them a sense of fulfilment assurance, and completeness.

The new Made By You creative line invites everyone to take the time to create, to imagine… to connect to one’s essence.

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