Ibiza’s bohemian vibes

Ibiza’s bohemian vibes

A photo shooting, embodying a spirit of lightness, introducing Sienna Dress, a new versatile and feminine silhouette in Double Gauze Organic Cotton, will bring a relaxed summer holiday feeling! 

Its strapless design highlights chest and shoulders, while allowing arms freedom of movement.

Sienna long dress can be worn with a belt to emphasize the waist, or without, for a sensation of softness and fluidity. 


During a sunny afternoon of march, let’s the tribe have a walk nearby the sea, spent outside, exploring and being exposed to the incredible power of water and sun.

A romantic spirit and a childish simplicity synonymous with the collection's fashionable clothes that are always comfortable and easy to wear.

Our photographer Maria captured precious moment between child and parents, the energy shining from Ibiza light and stunning landscape that we love to share .

Carolina and Nicola, Steffie’s children, are always enjoying taking part in our photo session, 

Nico is wearing a Dan suit and Carolina is a wearing a Nina dress and a cozy pull over matching perfectly with cotton yarn.

It has been hand-knitted by Tara.

She imagined this pattern as part of the new Atelier offer.

We invite you to come and knit it by yourself.

Tara used our merino wool yarn, but this pattern works with other yarns

Shop the look here

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