It's cocooning time!

Days are getting shorter and nature is in slumber... Autumn suggests a time to get comfy and snuggle up. Numero 74 New Silky Merino Blankets invite you to slow down and take a moment to pause in a cocoon

Just like little Noa who enjoys playing in our Caravan at L’Atelier Numero 74, transformed into a cozy nest.

Featuring our new Zig Zag Crochet Blanket, Bohemian Crochet Blanket and Pure Knitted Blanket, all handmade of a 50% Silk and 50% Merino wool blend.

There she loves to spend hours laughing, reading and talking with imaginary friends. After a while, she wraps herself in one of our silky blankets, that are so warm, light and amazingly soft… embodying a pure moment of serenity.

Little Noa falls asleep comfortably snug and gently cocooned as a caterpillar in its silk cocoon … She is dreaming to make her wishes come true, like being transformed into a butterfly flying freely in the sky.

Numero74 creations add a touch of dream-like fantasy, while surrounding kids and adults with softness throughout the rhythm of the season.

Produced in Small Editions, embodying the handcraft expertise for which Thai artisans are renowned, each piece is one of a kind.

Available in various colours and sizes, they will make a precious gift for the whole family!

Follow your instincts and find the perfect colours and mood to happily snuggle up!

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