May Blankets & Cushions

May Blankets & Cushions

Spring came with a gentle spirit, warming up softly and bringing happiness to the soul! 

There is no better way to welcome this beautiful season than with our new "May" collection, which will inspire the whole family to wrap up with a touch of delicate crochet, gauzy lightness and a colorful mood.

A matching set of Blankets and Cushions, adorned with a generous crochet lace edge, using a simple repeating stripe pattern that uses two stitches to create a contrasting texture, adding a delicately romantic and modern touch at the same time.

This simple crochet stitch was the very first one learned by Tara from her mother called "May ".

Inspired by this sweet memory as well as the rising stems of wildflowers that grow and twist joyfully during this season, May collection calls for flowering and coloring your home and your heart.


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