School Posters

School Posters

It all starts with a childhood memory....I started to imagine a range of School Posters.

Remember the ones that used to be displayed on our classroom walls?!

I had been dreaming about them for a long, long time... I could see them embroidered by hand on our organic canvas.



I then started drawing animals and watched artisan women embroider the first prototypes.

I was in complete amazement, just like a little girl watching a fish or a dragonfly coming to life before her eyes.

A thought suddenly came to me:

“Why not me? Why not us?”




I decided to learn one embroidery stitch, only one, and that was all!

A few trials later, the result was astonishing. I then understood that I was able to do it and that my creation will be beautiful.”

The Poster collection was born !  

Our posters are now available as Embroidery Creative Kits with everything you need to customize yourself as you like, and also as Small Editions in their finished version, embroidered by Thai artisans and by Thai Women in jail.

We had developed a team in charge of training Women in jail especially on the embroidery process, half of the income go to the jail, half to the women’s family.

And we garantee to all these women a job when they come out.

Our Posters are Handmade from A to Z :

We are using a manual process called «  Silk Screen » that we use to print on the cotton fabric the pattern to embroider.

Our metal structures are not made in a factory, but by the same artisan blacksmith who makes our school benches from the very beginning. 

Tara, n°74 Founder and Eternal Dreamer




Find some inspiration for decorating your space with our signature school posters...





World Map poster






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