Summer’s essentials packing list

Summer’s essentials packing list


A weekend somewhere sunny…
Or the trip you’ve been waiting for long.

No matter where you want to go, we hope that this selection will make your planning easier.

So, here we go!





  1. Greta Swimsuit: it’s in the nº1 position for a reason, and that’s: SWIMMINGGG! (If you like it in 2 pieces more than 1, have a look at all the novelties, here)
  2. Saba Pompom Pareo: there are no other clothes as adaptable as this one. Wrap yourself like a human burrito or let it become your kingdom over the sand.
  3. Beach Towel Sticks: once you know them, there’s no way back… You know, all kingdoms need their defense towers!
  4. Billy Tank Top: soft to the touch and ideal for any sports, including: cuddling & napping.
  5. Robin Short Pants: because below every great top, there is a great short pants…
  6. Giulia Bra: for those hot, hot days where the weather and us become one.
  7. Shopping Bag: it’s named “shopping” because it was a bit confusing to call it “yes to all” bag. But after some days, do not wonder if it becomes the only one you use.
  8. Akiko Jumpsuit: comfy, classy, chic and sassy: how can a one piece be so much fun?
  9. Flowers Kit: there are many ways to relax, and our favourite is: crafts! Add a special touch to your bags, your hair or wherever you feel like it’s time to bloom…
  10. Mohair Sweater: have you ever seen an alpaca feeling cold? We neither!
  11. Weekend Multi Bag: and that’s how you can carry all your things without any extra weight… And with plenty of space for all the good times coming ahead!






We hope you enjoyed our selection and of course, we’d love to see yours!

Tag us when doing it and let’s inspire each other. We might discover some cool ideas among this creative tribe…

See you at @numero74_official



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  • Nadia on

    Oh my God !! Looks amazing !! Can’t wait to go on my next holiday with all these lovely beach essentials !!! ❤️

  • Mavi on

    Love it! Feels like summer… 🥰

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