Tara's Home in Chiang Mai

Tara's Home in Chiang Mai

From outside, all we can see is a tall wall and a wooden double door. No one walking on this quiet lane tucked in the heart of Chiang Mai old town, could ever imagine what is hidden behind.  But as you open the doors, another world reveals itself, like a tranquil oasis in the middle
of the city.

The trees in the peaceful garden greet you as you walk along the swimming pool in the direction of the house. The building, an old traditional Thai wooden house, typical of the Lanna times, was beautifully transformed into a modern space.

The windows and doors are definitely meant to be open to make the living area downstairs blend in with the garden. Tara always makes sure that nature is never far from her, because that’s when she feels at home.

Inside, the concrete walls allow the original sanded woodwork to stand out even more.

Tara implemented such amazing ideas for the décor :

  • Vintage light bulbs with visible filament,
  • Typical Thai handmade baskets used as light shades,
  • Visible metal water pipes along the walls,
  • Colourful enamel tin plates hung on a concrete wall…

Without missing the many comfortable futons and cushions from Numero 74’s collection.

Gold, Stone Grey or Tara’s favourite colour, teal blue, contrast beautifully with the antique furniture.

All this creates a very inviting energy. This is a space meant to be shared with friends. Anyone who visits her house feels immediately welcomed and at home.

This is also a space that reflects Tara’s love for beautiful things and her passion for creation that she expresses every day in the design of Numero 74’s collection. 













Photos by @sofiaatmokkasin




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