Warm Love...made in Ibiza

Warm Love...made in Ibiza

Yet another new frontier. The story, behind the scenes.

Already members of our tribe know our history and are aware of our values. One of our strongest roots lies in the development of a short cycle network where local artisans can meet fans of beautiful handcrafted creations. And this, all over the world.
As such, l'Atelier N74 in Ibiza proposes to its existing tribe of family, friends and clients, a selection of N74 (the brand) creations, made by loving hands, in Thailand. As you can well imagine, we have also been thinking about creating a small local production on the island. During the cold season of 2019, naturally, we decided to make warm clothes / uniforms for the l'Atelier team.
Tara designed "work uniforms" to keep the team cosy. Using thick merino wool and mohair, Anika knitted cocoon second furs in the form of kimonos or sweaters. And guess what ? Clients of l'Atelier asked if they could buy the cold season  work uniforms.
The first creations sold out in a matter of hours. This was the trigger to launch our first wool collection, handcrafted in Ibiza. Sweaters, kimonos, caps and scarves, for children and for women.
Chunky mohair or merino wool in soft colors and shades. The warmest and softest to complete our magnificent bodies.
We are looking for weaving specialists across the island and creating our first local production network. You can't make it shorter than this! This not only pleases our tribe members on the client side, but it also helps to generate some additional income for the locals who may be welcome during those difficult times.

Since we don't like our dreams to be impossible, we try hard. And sometimes...it works!
We’re thrilled to start this new love adventure with you.

Warm Love.

Look our Wool Collection 


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