Chiang Mai Spirit

Chiang Mai Spirit



The sun is rising on the old city of Chiang Mai. The markets are starting to fill up with locals. Buddhist monks in their bright orange robe, are walking the streets barefoot, seeking the traditional morning alms. People make their donations and kneel down to receive a prayer, before carrying on with their day.

In the early hours, you will see local people lighting incense, making food or flower offerings and bowing with palms together in front of a mini-temple structure, called a Spirit House. This auspicious tradition is deeply rooted in Thai culture. It is a way for people to tune into the present moment, express gratitude and ask for abundance and protection from the spirits in exchange for their offerings.

As the city awakes and the hustle bustle of the streets is growing, the scent of jasmine is never far. Flower garlands are hanging everywhere, on the sacred statues and buildings. Whether they are small and humble or imposing structures, made of simple wood or precious intricate decorations, each one of Chiang Mai’s many temples has a special vibe, and is worth visiting.

And if you have the opportunity to talk to locals, they will be more than happy to tell you more about their traditions, feeling so honoured by your interest.

With so many generous people full of good intentions, there is a kind of peaceful aura in the city. Something almost addictive that makes so many visitors come back again and again. This is a special place and we are very grateful for all the Chiang Mai people who share their love at Numero 74!

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