Tara's home in Ibiza

Tara's home in Ibiza
Our dear Tara, Numero 74’s creative soul, loves surrounding herself with beauty and nature.
Everything she does in her life is an expression of her insatiable passion for creativity.
She puts so much energy into everyone of her ideas that it reminds us of the spirit of a child, for whom having fun is the only thing that matters.
Today, be her guest and discover her home in Ibiza, a special place that is such a reflection of her.
It all started when she fell in love with the island, after visiting it on holiday a few times.
There, it simply felt like time could stop for her, anytime she would want to retreat herself from the world.
Settling there on a more regular basis became clear.
The first house she visited was the one!
Sometimes things just fall into place, because they are meant to be.
A hippy German lady had spent the last 20 years lovingly taking care of the space and the beautiful gardens.
Tara, a very intuitive person, immediately felt good vibrations from the place.
The house itself was built in typical Ibizan style with pure white walls and flat roofs. It was been designed to blend in perfectly with nature: energy is provided by solar panels and the water comes from a well.
The interior space is cosy, with two bedrooms, a living room and a bathroom.
The décor is made of unique antiques or recycled pieces, treasures found in flea markets that she customised in her own way, complimented by linen from the Numero 74 collection.
A world born out of her imagination…
The space outside is where she likes spending most of her time, as the fantastic Ibizan climate allows it so well most of the year.
Cooking in the open kitchen with direct access to the veggie garden, and relaxing on the rooftop terrace, that turns into a star observatory at night, are just some of those simple pleasures of life.
When Tara’s son is there, he also prefers to sleep in his tipi, set up in the garden, surrounded by the green forest.
Tara’s house is more than a home, it is a serene place, where one feels good, surrounded by the caring nature and the birds’ joyful songs.
And if it gets cold during the winter, one can go and snuggle inside, near the fire place, where olive and pine wood, burning like incense, bring a delicate fragrance and warmth to the nights and to people’s hearts.  

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