Ceramic Tiny Houses

Ceramic Tiny Houses

Ceramics was always a fun, creative, and therapeutic way to shape ideas.

I remember we used to learn ceramics in school. It was one of the most anticipated classes, where you were free to let your imagination run wild.

We’d all leave class with the feeling of being creators and great artists, full of pride from our “masterpieces.”

Nowadays, things have change. We are rushing children to learn languages, mathematics and new technologies that are so present in our lives, that art has been left a aside.

But working with the hands calms us, relieves stress, optimizes dexterity, concentration and promotes neuronal development.

As creators, we are encouraged to create with our own hands which produces a pleasant and positive feeling.

At the Atelier we have developed different ceramic courses and “Tiny houses” is one of them.

In this course you will learn various techniques to give clay different house formats.

Cutting the clay block into small squares or rectangles and then with an angular cut will give the shape of a roof, reserve a small square if you want it with a chimney, and then with different tools and household objects you will shape the doors, windows and roof.

Then you will learn how to paint them with paint and ceramic enamels to finish the pieces.

The final result is wonderful, you can even let your imagination flow and make a whole town with different houses.

Pottery is an activity for the young and old. We are delighted to offer this workshop at the Atelier, although you can do it at home with your family anytime by observing these steps.

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