Countryside Break

Baby goes on a little adventure outside the city for the first time since he came to this world.
So much to see and discover for his brand-new senses!
Comfortably tucked in his Moses basket, like in a weightless feathery nest, he will be fascinated by the ever-changing skies.
New sounds will come to his ears: birds singing, bees buzzing, horses neighing… In the barn, smells of hay and old wood give a feeling of timeless peace.
Grownups are relaxed and happy. They take care of baby with slow and careful motions, with the help of the soft changing pad and linen, in Natural colour.
All essential accessories are safely stored in the wall pocket, ready to be used. Some mini animals have made it their home too, as if they were waiting for their turn to amuse baby on the crib mobile.
There is magic in the air, there are stars everywhere, reminding us that it is never too early (or too late) to go and explore unknown territories! 

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