Girls in Chiang Mai Cooking

We have a tradition at Numero 74: every year, all the members of our team travel to Thailand to spend some precious time together and fuel that special synergy we have between us.
That particular year, we invited our favourite photographer Sofia Mokkasin, and her family, to join us too.


Tara always finds activities for the team, and that year she organised a Thai cooking class for all of us to experience an important part of Thai culture.

The day started with a trip to Mae Hia Fresh Market, to buy all the ingredients we needed.

One of the best places to be immersed in Thai culture is definitely a local market.

The senses are greeted with a festival of smells and colours.

Old Thai ladies sell their fresh fruit and vegetables with dedication, pride, and always with a smile.

The place is bustling with locals, always keen to buy the tastiest treats.

One of the first Thai words visitors learn here is ‘Aroy’, which means delicious, because the food has got to be delicious for Thai people!

After the trip to the market, we went to Pantawan Cooking school to learn how to cook all these ingredients, the typical Thai way. 



Everyone was curious and eager to learn. Both little ones and grownups applied what the chef was showing us with mindful gestures, putting all their love and attention into it.
On the menu: Tonkha soup, Green chicken curry, spring rolls, mango sticky rice!!


What a feast! When the class finished, we all sat around two big tables to share those delicious Thai dishes, with two other essential ingredients: complicity and laughter!
Every time we get together, the synergy grows bigger between us and that year, we were so happy to have Sophia and her beloved ones be part of the Numero 74 family!