Ibiza Cooking Class

The idea of taking a cooking class was born the day Kaliz and Tara visited Sant Joan’s market.

While wandering around, their attention was caught by a stand, “Raices De Ibiza”, translated as roots of Ibiza, where a pretty lady was presenting eco-friendly and healthy products, made locally.

The stand looked rustic, authentic and original just like the products she had there.

Initially, the idea was that Kaliz would take the class, as cooking is one of her passions, but then, they soon realised that it could be really fun if the girls from Numero 74, living in Ibiza, would also participate.

The class would be an opportunity for all of us to learn more about healthy cuisine.

The idea blossomed and a workshop was organised…

We travelled south to reach a quaint farm surrounded by trees and flowers, where energy is provided by solar panels.

When we arrived, wooden stools around a table and a jug of refreshing water infused with mint and lemon from the garden, were waiting for us.

Cristina and Roger, our hosts, were delighted to share some interesting facts on how to nourish the body and mind.

Both are passionate about healthy cuisine and their tasty recipes are usually complemented with products and herbs they grow in their own garden.

They taught us how to make water kefir and the way to incorporate it in various dishes.

They also demonstrated several recipes such as buckwheat pizza, avocado and matcha pie, cauliflower béchamel and fermented dough.

After the class, we all sat around the table in the garden to taste the different dishes and share our impressions.

The day was filled with so many interesting discoveries and with laughter and complicity.

Lucille kindly took beautiful pictures for us to remember these moments.

At the end of the workshop, Cristina and Roger gifted us with a lovely handmade book including all the recipes they had demonstrated during the day and a jar of kefir water.

At Numero 74, we are always curious about people’s passions. A simple encounter at the market lead to a beautiful day of sharing and learning about how we can take care of our body and our planet, with simple choices.