Focus Basket

Ours Basket is a simple and beautiful way of adding additional storage to your living space.

Our rattan Baskets are made and painted by hand, in the various colours available in our collection and 2 sizes. Our handwoven, decorative storage baskets will bring you ethical, stylish accessories with a story.

The chunky rattan structure makes it very strong and is suitable for many uses as a storage basket for bedroom, ideal to store toys, blankets, clothes, or for the bathroom.

This basket is of high quality and finished off with external handles to make lifting easy.

These nomadic pieces will make sure the room feels organize with style, cosy and welcoming every time you settle down.

These moments were captured by the lens of our dear photographer Sofia Mokkasin during her visit of our workshop in Chiang Mai.

The pictures show different parts of the production including the people involved in the process.

That particular day, the craftsmen and women were finalising a set of rattan Baskets.

We can see some baskets painted by hand, in some of the 15 colours of our range. Once dry, the women placed a Numero 74 label and proceeded to a final product quality check before packing them under the thatched roofs of the salas, typical Thai pavilions.

The work atmosphere in our workshop is always peaceful and harmonious but what really catches visitors’ attention is the smile our artisans often have on their face. People don’t have the same notion of work as we know it…

Over there, work blends into everyday life.

People look happy, content and take pride in what they do, no matter what the task is. It is this love for life that we want to share through each one of our products!