Tatami Quilt

“The n°74 tatami, an archive piece always dear to our heart, is now back in small series.”

«A few months ago, I decided to come back to the essence of what we were doing.
So I started to work on a “Small Editions” product line, items essentially made in small quantities using artisanal techniques mastered by only a few women in Thailand.
Some of these products were actually part of our catalogue at the very beginning. However, we resigned ourselves to stopping them as we could not honour overwhelming demand.
There is a story behind the object... today we are happy to welcome again this must-have piece as part of our offer, thus continuing to support the artisans who make it by sharing their wonderful know-how.»
Made of: Organic Cotton, Recycled Cotton Padding
This hand-made floor mat can be used also as futon or padded quilt.
Originally used as a light, multi-purpose and easy-to-carry mattress on the wooden floors of traditional Thai houses, its intricate hand-crafted process is inherited from past generations.
Available in 3 Size and several colors: 65 x 110 cm – 90 x 180 cm – 140 x 200 cm