Bohemian Picnic

The dunes of Es Cavallet on the Southern shore of Ibiza were the perfect setting for this photo shoot, staging our collection in real life.
Steffie asked her daughter Carolina and her best friend Maria to play princesses for the day.
An improvised tent was set up with curtains, star lanterns and garlands, in dusty pink and powder tones, to create a beautiful enchanted alcove, where the girls could share all of their secrets.
Steffie, as the photographer, had to find the right balance between shooting and giving them enough space to create their own little world, in order to catch authentic joyful moments.
With the help of Leia capes and star wands, they got carried away by their imagination and started casting magic spells on each other, a game that turned into so much fun and laughter.
What does a little girl need to play princess for the day?
A beautiful dress of course! Carolina put on her Scarlett dress, made of intricate crochet details, and Maria her elegant Sophie dress, as if they were getting ready for the ball at the castle.
After all that playing, they were happy to find the comforts of Numero 74 cushions and futons to have a little picnic, take a rest, and maybe dream of another enchanted world!
Thank you Carolina and Maria for being your beautiful selves, and thank you our dear Steffie for catching those precious moments!