Ibiza office Pink Mood

We love surrounding ourselves with beauty at Numero 74. After all, that’s part of our philosophy: bringing more beauty into our lives and into the world.
Our former Ibiza office is one those places that resonated so much with this passion for beautiful things.
Some of our team members used to call it their working place, even if it had nothing to do with the idea that we all have of an office building.
After walking on a path, up an unpaved road, we finally reached a typical Ibizan country house, or “finca”, hidden in the middle of majestic 100-year old trees.
At spring time, a tunnel of pink flowers would show us the way to a view point where we could admire the sea in the horizon.
Inside, pure white walls contrasted beautifully with the ochre tiles and the big wooden doors.
Among the several colourful alcoves showcasing our 2015 collection, the dusty pink corner in front of the big windows was particularly inviting.
Birds in their bohemian cage attracted by the lush vegetation outside, cushions in different shapes and prints all around, futons waiting to be laid down…
There was also a feeling of nostalgia brought by the antique sewing machine and roller skates, as if the past were familiar and comforting.
We felt very grateful for coming to work everyday in such a special and beautiful place.
Of course, we are always busy with our daily work, but there is also always time to take a break in this corner, have a good laugh, and even put some music on and dance sometimes!
This house has a special place in our heart.
It is part of our story, that’s where we grew, sometimes tumbled and picked ourselves up again.
To bring happiness to others, we need to feel it ourselves.
Many happy days were spent there.