Cayumas, artisan footwear made in Italy

Cayumas, artisan footwear made in Italy

We partnered with CAYUMAS to host the fall season. Our two handcraft worlds are all about unique, sustainable, and timeless treasures. 


"The Cayumas Friulane" - Artisan Footwear made in Italy

On our first journey together to Italy in 2010, we fell in love with Friulanes, elegant velvet slippers from Venice handsewn by artisans one-by-one following tradition. Comfortable and assembled without glue on the soles or cardboard in the heels, they are a timeless trend that have been produced constantly ever since they were created in the seventeenth century and became the favourites of the Venetian gondoliers. Their success has never waned.



Always crafted with care and in small colour batches, Cayumas’ Friulanes are crafted the way they have always been, with organic materials, English fabrics in the insole and recycled rubber from bicycle tyres for the sole. They are weightless and seasonless. They can always be worn.



Photo Shooting featuring our NEW Andrea Gilet for Kids & Women and a small interview to introduce Ana Cerrato, Camaya's founder.


What is your most creative moment from your childhood?

I remember playing and taking pictures with my brother’s analogic camera since I was six or seven, and also the feeling of touching the familiar Photo albums, the smell, the sound of the pages and the tissue paper




Is there a place , and activity, a music that makes you more connected to yourself?

Ibiza is THE place, and also is a paradigm of all other things I adore in life. It is also my refuge. There is nothing more myself than making Yoga next to the sea, the calmness, the sound of the waves…



How you would you define your Style?

If a would have to define it for sure, Less is More. Simplicity, comfort, nothing pompous or pretentious. Quality but not necessarily luxurious. A pair of Cayumas and a Numero74 cotton dress is more than enough




How do you connect with Nature?

A walk hand in hand with my kids and my husband in a forest or a countryside; watching them playing and laughing. Every little thing that occurs in, a smell of a plant or a tree, birds playing or my pet chasing whatever moves makes my soul happy

The song you sing in the shower

Firstly, I never take showers, I am a bath taking woman, hahaha; saying that I love the calmness of Satie’s Piano works. Nothing more relaxing to let your mind loose somewhere



The Movie you can watch over and over again

I know it’s been said thousands of times, but Out of Africa transports me to a dream of Aesthetic, Romanticism and women empowering, that I always want to be there again


When you get a quiet moment, what do you love to do the most?

When that happens, not that often, hahaha, I love to cook. Sometimes I do it myself and sometimes with my little girl Uma, who is very in the mood. Organic Cakes and any kind of healthy stuff are my choice.



What does Cayumas mean to your life?, did you expect all this success?

Cayumas was a dream and also a challenge. Deep in a new world to discover.
No, I had no expectations as I started selling 1st of July 2020, just right after confinement. I was thinking, please have some luck and sell a few pairs of my first order, just to break even….
And just in two years you see… we sell worldwide on line; shops from New Zealand to Canada selling my dream. A lot of people from around the globe asking for advice regarding not only fashion, but even life style!!! This is awesome, and amazing, but you have to keep your feet in the ground and your head cold… this is the beginning of a thing that could be beautiful and helpful for many people, but you can die of success, and Because all the sacrifice that Cayumas is putting in my life and my family




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