n°74 New eco-friendly wool blankets

n°74 New eco-friendly wool blankets

n°74 is welcoming unique objects blending among our handmade creations, following the craftspersons dedication to the art of living. 

The collaboration with Burel X n°74 was an obvious decision, perfectly reflecting the universe of the brand.

The story of n°74 is one interlaced with encounters, magic feelings, and creative influence.

Tara n°74 founder bought the Burel Fuse Blanket in Lisbon 7 years ago and fell in love with the amazing work of Burel Factory

In collaboration, we are now offering 2 blankets in 100% Merino Wool:

The VINTAGE 1974 Blanket comes in one size and 2 mixed of colours: Natural / Antique Bronze / Dark Grey & Natural / Dusty Pink / Antique Bronze

The FUSE Blanket comes in 2 sizes and 2 colours: Natural & Antique Bronze.



Those new designs team up perfectly with n°74’s style. Ideal to be used on a sofa or a bed or even to hang as art wall.

Each blanket has been masterfully crafted with care by expert weavers in Portugal, bringing a long-standing Portuguese tradition and eco-friendly wool products.





It is an invitation to explore different cultures through timeless objects designed to bring a poetic touch and beauty to everyday life …



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Wool is a natural material and super-durable therefor an eco-friendly option, assuring that the animals are treated well, live happily, and that the shearing is done manually to not cause any animal distress. Shearing is a required act for the animal’s comfort, while preserving an ancestral tradition, keeping this culture forward in time.

Wool woven blanket made in ancestral looms and finished by hand.

Produced in Serra da Estrela, Portugal

Composition: 100% Merino Wool

Sizes: 130cm x 180 cm; 170cm x 240cm








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