Creative Mess

Creative Mess

"Order is the pleasure of reasonbut disorder is the delight of the imagination", wrote the poet and playwright Paul Claudel.

The disorder preexist the creative art. Children love experimenting with different toys, objects and materials to create their own world!

 Let’s play with the disorder, and capture its beauty creating our own order/disorder ! 

The mess, may encourage both out-of-the-box thinking and fun, as a tool , a process movement in the imagniation, a way we look for things that create wealth and bring to organisations. 

Creating a space,… a veritable wonder cabinet of curiosities grouping together a collection of inspiring tools, hues, some poetic creations inviting the creativity to run free and wild… 

Where we could feel free to engage with all our senses and soul to explore and turn disorder into a stage where another future can emerged. 

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