Tara Canopy, Curtain & Blanket

Tara Canopy, Curtain & Blanket


The crochet technique is a technique that I particularly appreciate, I learned it from my mother when I was a child.

It has an obvious effect on me, as soon as I feel the need to refocus, as soon as I feel a little lost, I go back to my hook.

I take a thread, a yarn, a bamboo hook and I start these wrist movements which, like a meditative dance, have this power to calm me down.




A little over a year ago, in Thailand, in one of those moments when life challenged me, I took my hook and I imagined that one of our creations that has contributed the most and to our image: our Canopy, would be revisited.

The upper part would be made in crochet which would leave a kind of openwork “dentelle” to look through.

Once this prototype realized the idea of ​​also creating curtains following this same pattern came as evidence. Light and generous, a little taste of vintage and yet very modern.

 We therefore present you our new Canopies and Curtains, a little more exclusive than their predecessors as their handmade process requires patience and knowledge.


We hope you will like them!

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