Pass it on!

Pass it on!


Since the very first day I started working at nº74, I knew it would be a very special stage in my life. Not every day you find a real “handmade” company to work with. Here, I was able to express all my passions at once: writing, design, drawing, modelling, managing projects, coordinating teams, and even curating a musical selection for L’atelier (besides making silly jokes in meetings, another of my indisputable talents).


I started in 2020 (what a timing, right?). They were very difficult years, the world economy went into crisis, and it hit hard, especially to small businesses like this one. As you can imagine, the cost/benefit margin of artisan production is much lower than the industrial and being self-taught has also given us some headaches (but hey, if you haven't ever hit a glass door with blind optimism, then you can throw the first stone).


Still, we kept looking forward, with our knitting needles and pens up, searching for new creative ways to reach more people who resonate with what we do. This is how "Pass It On" was born: the first brand campaign (at a cinematographic level), with a slogan that invites us to share, to transmit our knowledge, to be part of something bigger, to let go, to see how everything is in constant motion and, at the same time, there is something deeper that remains...


We weave blankets with the intention that they can warm several generations. We develop tutorials so that many techniques, as precious as macramé, are not forgotten. We opened a foundation in Ibiza offering workshops (ceramics, weaving, painting, among many others). And we set up new stores, always as a team. Behind each project, there is a “PASS IT ON” embroidered in capital letters.




At the first brainstorming meeting, while presenting the concept, I saw how all the lights of the team turned on in unison. So, the "contagious" part of the idea was guaranteed. But something magical also happened: in the etymological origin of the latin "Transmittere" (Transmitting = To pass on) it is hidden in the prefix, the name and meaning of our founder, Tara. So, the connection was made, the message was clear, and now it was time for the… Action!

Shooting the film was, corresponding to the concept of the brand, as handmade as possible. Without any budget but with full enthusiasm, and with a team as little as huge—which has nothing to envy to Hollywood—starring Kyra, a sparkling supernova like few others and her father, Paco Ferrari, behind the camera. With them, the mother, Nati (also facilitator of the ceramics workshop in L'atelier) accompanying the scenes along with the “enfant terrible” Nico, Steffie's son, our Marketing Manager, Art director, stellar photographer, among many other things.




The voiceover is from Carolina, Nico's sister who is also one of the nº74’s stars, and I don't think either the octopus, Freddy or the Stella doll need further introduction. The background music was composed by Paco and his ukulele, the script came out of my hands (after passing through my mind and heart), and the final editing was a joint work with Paco, that hopefully will be the beginning of many more.


I have not been a mother yet (in real life) but I have brought some "babies" to this world, and this is one made with great affection. The excitement I feel when I see how this idea came to life is a gift that will stay with me forever. It is no longer mine, but for everyone! I hope it travels many miles around the world, and above all, that with its light, it can put a smile on all the people it will meet along the way...


Now, you know… It is your turn: Pass It On!
















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Director of Photography, Camera, Light, Gaffer, Editor, Sound Mixer, Musician: Paco Ferrari. @ferraripaco


Creative Director, Scriptwriter, Location Scout, Producer, Coordinator, Casting, Prop Master, Special Effects, Editing Supervisor: Mavi Iglesias.

Production Designer, Set Coordinator, Art PA, Assistant Director, Colorist, Photographer:  Lucía Rivera Iglesias.

And a big special thanks to: Steffie, Caro, Nico, Nati, Francesca, Ambra, Maca, Juli, the kitchen team and all the waitress at L’atelier who had to deal with our shooting in the middle of a working day… And of course, to Tara, the dreamer and creator of nº74, who made all this possible.




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