Dalt Vila, Ibiza

Dalt Vila, Ibiza

One of Lucille’s simple pleasures in Ibiza is to explore and get lost in the narrow streets of Dalt Vila, the picturesque old town. The “upper town”, classed as a

Unesco World Heritage site, offers plenty of opportunities for her to fulfil her passion for photography.

As you walk up the winding, steep cobbled streets, you have to stop to admire the breath-taking views of the sea, with the waves breaking against the stone ramparts.

Buildings from the Gothic Catalan times draw themselves majestically on each side, in a land of pure whiteness. Hanging balconies, shutters and thick wooden doors, painted in bright colours, provide a striking contrast to the white walls.

A feeling of mystery creeps up when a door opens and reveals a secret courtyard or a chapel. Little treasures can also be found at the many art galleries and gift shops that pave the way up to the cathedral. And if you get a little hungry, you will have the choice between a cute little café or a world class restaurant, set in a Medieval castle.

The site can get pretty crowded with tourists, but when you have the chance to visit it during the low season, like Lucille, you will have the privilege to take a glimpse at the daily life of Ibicencos who live there.

With so much natural beauty and history, Dalt Vila is a special place where the true spirit of Ibiza can be found. Thank you Lucille for capturing some of it for us to enjoy!


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