Las Dalias Hippy Market

Las Dalias Hippy Market

Ibiza is known around the world for its famous nightlife. However, if you explore a little further, you will come across the many authentic cultural experiences that this beautiful Mediterranean island has to offer.

Las Dalias hippy market is definitely one of them! Founded in 1954, dedicated artisans keep the spirit alive by sharing the fruit of their unique talents, twice a week.

Our Kaliz and Clémence, who like to visit the lively market once in a while, snapped a few shots of some of the most peculiar stalls, to take you on a little tour.

As you walk along, a festival of bright colours will greet you. Each stall will have something special and unique: intricate pieces of jewellery, unique fashion designs and accessories, home-made toiletries… Some craft-men even set-up their workshop there to offer you customised pieces.

If you get thirsty or hungry, there are plenty of tasty and healthy Mediterranean treats, made with “peace and love”. Events are regularly on offer too, such as kids workshops and live music.

At Las Dalias, there is something for everyone: locals, families, tourists, nostalgic hippies…

A truly Ibizan cultural experience, a happy place, where you can support the preservation of local know-how while spending a beautiful day.


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