Walk in the heart of Chiang Mai

Walk in the heart of Chiang Mai

Known as the Rose of the North, Chiang Mai is a city that holds a special place in our heart.

Not only is it where our artisan women work their magic everyday in the making of our collection, but it is also a place full of cultural surprises and great vibes.

At the footstep of Northern Thailand’s national parks, the city is guarded by the majestic Doi Suthep mountain. Surrounded by a moat and ramparts made of deep ochre bricks, the square-shaped old city holds many cultural landmarks from the Lanna kingdom heritage.

To explore it, there is nothing better than getting lost in its streets.

You can choose to stroll through one of the 300 peaceful temples, be amazed by the artwork, observe the monks’ daily routines or just get a massage in the gardens… or you might be tempted to do some people watching sitting at the terrace of the many restaurants and cafés, while enjoying Thai cuisine full of amazing flavours.

You might stumble upon a market and be attracted by the smells of freshly made delicacies, some of which might be a totally new experience… or notice the hundred-year old trees along the moat or the plants pots and small ponds in front of the shops. Exploring the streets of Chiang Mai is always a surprise for the senses: sights, colours, smells, sounds… it is so full of life!

But what makes Chiang Mai so special, it is the people. They welcome you as if you were part of their family, with a big smile and a kind heart. Despite the many visitors, local people remain authentic, carrying on with their daily lives.

You will find many street vendors, selling anything you can think of. Whether it is a rickshaw rider, a man pulling a cart selling handmade furniture or a lady making refreshing juices, they all take pride in what they do.

As you explore, you will be carried from one place to another by the smiles of the people, making each encounter so beautiful and meaningful that it will bring warmth to your heart and smiles on your face!

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